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Hot Java :

Let the java flow by building and connecting the pipes! Your task in this game is to rearrange the pieces of tiles so that they form a pipe that allows the coffee to flow and reach the nozzle. At the start of each level, you will be given a number of covered tiles. The starting tile will slowly be filled with liquid, so you must act quickly to form a smooth pipeline. To do so, click the covered tiles to reveal them, and you may swap the positions of any two pieces of tiles by clicking them. Some tiles may be concrete and cannot be moved, which are marked by a cross. Some of the tiles may contain special powers, as indicated by the red reverse button and the blue stop button on the right of the screen. You may click these tiles multiple times to receive the special power, so that the coffee flow may be reversed or stopped for a few seconds. Note that these piles cannot be moved in the first place, and if the powers are not collected, they will become concrete tiles after they are revealed for a while. After the pipe is properly connected, click the Turn on Valve button at the lower right of the screen, so that the java can flow to the nazzle quickly and be poured into the cup. Each tile allowing the flow of the coffee brings an accumulated score, and therefore you will receive more points if the pipe is longer. If the liquid runs into any obstacles, the game ends. Offer your customers tasty cups of hot java, and become the no.1 coffee shop in town!